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Permanent Jewelry

Custom jewelry that is permanent and long lasting. Rather than closing with a traditional clasp, the jewelry will be welded together at your appointment.

Eternity Collection

Permanent Bracelets

Permanent bracelets often come in chain styles similar to necklaces, though thicker chains are also an option. They can be customized with charms or left plain. Bracelets are welded onto your wrist, creating a seamless look.

Eternity Collection

Permanent Anklets

Permanent anklets follow the same principle as bracelets, but made for your ankle. They are typically delicate chains crafted from precious metals. I weld them onto your ankle, resting just above the ankle bone.

Eternity Collection

Permanent Rings

Permanent rings are a relatively new trend in the world of jewelry. Similar to permanent bracelets, they involve welding a chain around your finger to create a lasting piece of jewelry.

Eternity Collection

Permanent Necklaces

Permanent necklaces are delicate chains crafted from precious metals. They can be simple and classic or adorned with small charms or pendants that hold personal significance. These necklaces sit permanently around your neck, eliminating the need for clasps.

Popular Questions

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Simply put, permanent jewelry is jewelry that you can't take off. Rather than closing a bracelet or necklace with a traditional clasp, I will weld the two ends together.

How does it work & Do I need an Appointment?

An appointment is required at my studio! You can schedule a STUDIO appointment HERE! If you are coming with a friend or group, each person needs their own slot. I do accept walk-ins at the Saturday One Loudoun Market, however priority is given to anyone with an appointment. To schedule a Saturday, One Loudoun Farmers Market appointment, click HERE!

What should I expect when I arrive?

To begin the experience you will select your favorite chain style; from a variety of Solid Yellow or White Gold Chains. Once your chain is chosen, we will discuss your interest in adding a charm. Add-on charms including a tiny whisper crystal, opal clover, mother of pearl evil eyes, east-west sideways cross and the itty bitty cross charms are available at an additional fee ranging from $30-$50. I will then work with you to determine the best fit.  I will take into account your lifestyle and personal style preferences. I will then snip to size your chosen chain and custom fit it to your wrist. I will show it at different lengths so that you can decide on the fit that is best for you. Most of my clients go for a slightly tighter fit as the 14k chain will very lightly stretch over time. 

Can my child get one?

YES! With parental consent. However I recommend 12 years or older.  

Does it hurt?

NO! Using a small hand held welding device I will weld the jewelry on. You will be completely comfortable the entire time. You will see a few tiny sparks but will not feel anything but excitement!

How do I pay?

I accept Cash, Apple Pay, Credit Card, Zelle and Venmo.


Chains are 14K Yellow or White Gold. Occasionally I will provide one Sterling Silver Chain choice. Current chain prices are between $18-$25 per inch. My designs are priced PER ITEM. Not per inch. The above is just a guideline to help you understand the relative cost of Gold. The bracelets are priced based upon the average wrist size 6.5 inch to 7.5 inch. The one thing I LOVE about jewelry is that it always fits! It is so important that my interaction with my clients is inclusive and feels equal for all involved.  

Add-on charms including a tiny whisper crystal, opal clover, mother of pearl evil eyes, east-west sideways cross and the itty bitty cross charms are available at an additional fee ranging from $30-$50.

There are no appointments available? Do you accept walk-ins?

I DO NOT accept walk-ins at my studio.  I will release appointments 30-60 days in advance. If you do not see the day/time available that you were hoping for, kindly DM me (via instagram @ransomjewelry), I can often accommodate special requests or fit you in. 

I DO accept Walk-Ups on Saturday at the One Loudoun Farmers Market Location. However priority will be given to any one with a scheduled appointment. 

Ransom also offers 'walk-in' availability at my Ransom Permanent Jewelry Pop-Up events. For an updated list of these events (dates/times/locations) follow me on instagram (@ransomjewery) for the most up to date events listings.

What if I need to remove the jewelry?

Your Eternity jewelry can be permanently removed with scissors. If you ever wish to have it welded back on I can certainly do that for a small re-welding fee of $15.

Where Is the One Loudoun Farmers Market and when are you there?

44578 Atwater Drive, Ashburn, VA. 20147. SATURDAY'S ONLY 9AM-1PM.

Where is your Studio?

For online safety reasons, the exact address is only given in a confirmation text/email upon booking. If you want to estimate drive time  to plan a trip here, I am located in Ashburn, VA.

Will it break?

Eternity jewelry are thin and delicate chains. While I do not expect them to break, occasional damage or breaking could happen. If your jewelry does have an issue I will gladly re-attach at no cost. Ransom is not responsible for lost jewelry.

I have a permanent jewelry chain from another vendor that broke, will you fix it?

Yes, I will do this free if you purchase one of Ransom's chains as well.  If not there will be a $25 re-welding fee. An appointment is recommended for any re-welding.

Will my Eternity Jewelry cause an issue going through the airport?

Nope! Eternity jewelry has traveled far and wide and has never been an issue!

Will my Eternity Jewelry cause an issue with X-Rays or Medical Procedures?

I will leave this up to the discretion of medical professionals. However gold is not magnetic so it does not affect an MRI. From my personal experience it is likely your Eternal Jewels can be secured with medical tape during an x-ray or operation. However your medical provider still may ask that it be removed. If this happens, just cut it at the connecting piece and save your chain. Contact me to have it re-welded.

If you have any questions, confusion, or need help scheduling an appointment, simply click on the Chat with us button! You can also DM me through instagram (@ransomjewelry) for appointment availability. I can often accommodate special date/time requests, just ask!