What's this Permanent Jewelry Craze all about?

permanent jewelry

What is better then giving the ultimate gift experience? The gift of spending time together! The gift of family, of friendship of forever! Nothing! 

Permanent jewelry, also known as body jewelry, is a popular choice for those looking to make a long-term commitment to a piece of jewelry. Permanent jewelry can take many forms, including necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings. 

What is Permanent Jewelry

Simply put, permanent jewelry is jewelry that you can't take off. Rather than closing a bracelet or necklace with a traditional clasp, the two ends are welded together.

Benefits of Permanent Jewelry

One of the main benefits of permanent jewelry is that it is, well, permanent. Once it is placed, it becomes a part of the wearer's body and cannot be easily removed. This means that the wearer does not have to worry about losing or misplacing their jewelry, as it is always with them.  This also makes Permanent Jewelry a great choice for those who enjoy the gym, shower, beach or pool!

Another benefit of permanent jewelry is that it allows the wearer to express their personality and style in a unique and meaningful way. A tattoo or piercing can also be a symbol of individuality, serve as a representation of an important event or person in the wearer's life but has the drawback of permanently altering the wearers body. Permanent Jewelry doesn't leave any lasting effect on your body or skin (no ink or holes). Additionally Permanent jewelry creates the same bonding opportunity when done with a friend, partner or family member.



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