Permanent Jewelry 101: Everything you need to know about Forever Jewelry

permanent jewelry

Permanent Jewelry: Everything you need to know about Forever Jewelry
Trends come and go, but timeless design is forever. If you're a jewelry aficionado looking to invest in a piece, Custom Welded Permanent jewelry by Ransom Jewelry may be your best investment. The pieces are welded onto you, meaning they won't come off without some concerted effort and a pair of scissors.
Northern Virginia is home to Ransom. The DMV’s ‘go-to’ studio for the Eternity Collection. Forever Friendship Bracelets, Anklets, Necklaces and Rings. Sparkly and dainty jewelry that are custom fit to your wrist via a process of micro-welding. The process is a few quick sparks that welds the chain onto your body without a clasp, guaranteeing a perfect fit. The result? A no-maintenance custom piece of jewelry you'll wear and cherish forever. People have many reasons for purchasing a design from Ransom’s Eternity Collection or a piece of permanent jewelry. It could strictly be for looks, or something sentimental between two friends.
For many years, as the founder and owner of Ransom I have been dreaming of implementing the concept of permanent jewelry into my brand. Once I acquired my first arc welder I was hooked. I was confident my friends and clientele would equally fall in love with the concept. After a record setting turnout during a 3-week Holiday Pop-Up in One Loudoun, Va, I knew it was a service meant to be offered as a Ransom staple. I love the community it’s created—there’s countless photos I have collected of of sisters, daughters and moms, couples, and friends all commemorating LIFE with the Eternity Collection.
If you want to educate yourself on permanent jewelry, or are unfamiliar with the new and buzzworthy trend, I have you covered. Keep scrolling to read all about the jewelry and have all your questions answered.
How does it work?
To begin the experience you will select your favorite chain style; from a variety of Solid Yellow or White Gold Chains. Once your chain is chosen, we will discuss your interest in adding a charm. Add-on charms including a tiny whisper crystal, opal clover, mother of pearl evil eyes, east-west sideways cross and the itty bitty cross charms are available at an additional fee ranging from $30-$50. I will then work with you to determine the best fit.  I will take into account your lifestyle and personal style preferences. I will then snip to size your chosen chain and custom fit it to your wrist. I will show it at different lengths so that you can decide on the fit that is best for you. Most of my clients go for a slightly tighter fit as the 14k chain will very lightly stretch over time. 
Does it hurt?
NO! Using a small hand held welding device I will weld the jewelry on. You will be completely comfortable the entire time. The process itself is completely painless and only takes about a minute.
You will see a few tiny sparks but will not feel anything but excitement!
How Do You Remove It? What If It Breaks?
To remove your permanent bracelet, simply take a pair of scissors and snip it off. If it happens to break off, you can save the chain and get it re-welded at Ransom’s Studio.
Will the Jewelry Rust or Tarnish?
Nope! I guarantee that your jewelry will stay sparkly for as long as you keep it on.
Because I work in 14k solid gold, you can truly sweat, sleep, swim and live life in your Eternity Jewelry without worrying about fade and tarnish! A permanent fuss free accessory that will have you effortlessly shining and shimmering!
How Much Does It Cost?
You will want to check ahead of time to confirm available styles and pricing on my website. At Ransom, prices start at $125 for the Sailor chain and go up to $190 for the Drift Chain Bracelets. You can find the complete list of pricing on my website! Including Anklets, Necklaces and Rings!
In summary, Permanent jewelry is the ultimate shopping experience. And when done with a loved one the thrill of permanency creates the ritual of commemorating a milestone together! The gift of family, of friendship of forever all wrapped up in a seamless permanent loop! What could be better? Nothing! 

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